Feature – GameCityBreakfast – You’re All Going To Die

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

GameCityBreakfast is a magical time where various people will talk amongst themselves and answer questions… whilst having breakfast. I know, it’s shocking…

On Monday 22 October at Broadgate Cinema in Nottingham, which also features as a bar and café was the location for the first of this year’s breakfast banter sessions. A nice breakfast discussion with Henry Lowood, James Newman, Mike Bithell and Stella Wisdom about the future of digital media storage, especially how we would/should archive videogames over the years…

Borrowed from festival.gamecity.org: The sad fact is that all of us, one day, will be dust. All the people you’ve known, the pets you’ve loved, the houses you’ve lived in and, yes, the games you’ve played, will be gone.

Luckily, there are at least three people in the world who care enough to do something about it. They can’t grant you immortality, bring back your hamster, of rebuild your childhood home, but they can preserve your games.


Come along to this lighthearted breakfast, order some toast and ponder your own mortality as those charged with saving games for future generations take your questions about what we should remember and how. This might be your last chance to convince them that your favourite horse grooming simulator should cheat death and be preserved forever.

As you can see I managed to survive, so I can bring you this incredibly poor quality bootleg footage. It’s vaguely audible so you can almost recreate the feeling that you were actually there.


Future bootleg footage on further GameCityBreakfast’s coming soon!

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