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Many gamers enjoy the complicated mechanics which many games these days offer, with every button on the controller given a specific use. There are, however, those games which do not need all those buttons and a huge catalogue of button combinations to be a good game. Code of Princess is such a title.

codeofprincess_screens_batch3_08 (more…)


The reason there was no GameCityNights last month was that it was in celebration of the then unreleased Sim City game, the festivities called SimCityNights. Pretty smart, eh? As such the night was spent with everyone playing Sim City, myself included. There was a competition as to whom to build the better city. I had a tinkering session with the game but due to arriving late there was no chance of winning, so I left my city available (named the Iain Simons Experience as a tribute to the GameCity Grand Master) so those who weren’t on a team could tinker around. Coming back 15 minutes later I find all houses gone with parking lots everywhere. You try to be nice…