Feature – GameCityNights Season 4 Episode 2

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Feature, GameCity, Indie


Entering Antenna I am confronted by a sight that the stage has been turned into a makeshift radio booth in preparation for the live recording for a One Life Left podcast, but shall be broadcast on 20th May, the night before the new Xbox console shall be unveiled. You can see how technical this thing looks below. If only my camera was working as smoothly. It was a shame to learn Iain Simons wouldn’t be attending to lend his vocal talents because he certainly has the face for radio.


We had a whole new gang of people willing to show off their wares tonight, perhaps the most appreciated for his efforts alone was Neil Jones from Perth, Australia (claims he was “in the area”) popped in to show us Toy Wars Invasion, or just Toy Wars, an FPS inspired by the “artwork” of bully Sid Phillips from the Toy Story movies. As a toy yourself you shoot your way through hordes of bitter and (literally) twisted toys with a variety of weaponry and driving vehicles to get to the enemy Toy Box. Seven maps will be available, such as the basement where you must charge your way through wave of insurgents or the beach where you must protect your construction workers from attack as they attempt to open up the enemy sand castle. At the perspective of a small toy you can expect these environments to be pretty grand in their scale. You can play single player or team up with a friend to show those rebel toys the true meaning of play time. A beta is close to being released with the completed seven maps (currently working on the fifth) in approximately a month on indiedb.com



Not a game to show but Andrew Mills spoke on behalf of gamerguides.com, a website with game guides for you to purchase at a price much cheaper than the £20-30 Prima guides you see in stores, giving you a guide for $3.99 (£2.57). Much more colourful and appealing to look at than certain websites that offers FAQ for your games, it promises to be more in-depth than other sites. However when checking out the site I found it to be slow-loading and the menus constantly disappearing when trying to check out some of the pages as a preview. Hopefully these issues can be resolved later on in the life of the website.

UDK 2013-04-19 15-47-38-84

A game in pre-alpha apparently.

lightning ball

Here is Tessler unleashing one very sexy looking attack.

Perhaps one of the greatest looking games ever to be displayed at GameCityNights, Francesco Abbonizio, art director and founder of DiXidia Soft brought us a pre-alpha (although you wouldn’t think to look at it) of Steampunk League. You take control of Nikola Tessler, who has one of his inventions stolen, possibly by enemy Thomas Edison. Tessler takes control of another one of his inventions, a proton pack-esque weapon and sets out to discover the culprit, having to deal with brainwashed townspeople along the way. The gameplay looked solid enough, with some nice puzzle elements but a few glitches were evident – being stuck in the landscape and sudden death when jumping behind a box, But it’s only a pre-alpha so these things can be forgiven as they obviously be looked at before development will progress much further. Hopefully Steampunk League will make a return to GameCityNights so it can be played with these bugs fixed.

Dong! Step forward.

Dong! Step forward.

The night was special, not only did we have one very impressive looking game; we had a very exhausting game for the masses to try, Glowtag. Following a similar formula to Johann Sebastian Joust, PS Move controllers are placed into your back pocket and your opponents must tap the trigger on your controller when it’s lit. But you don’t know when your backside is lit up; the main hint will be when everyone is rushing at you. Clearly a game made for a room with little in the way of obstacles as speed and evasion are essential to surviving the longest to win, which was amazing when played in a smaller bar environment with no drink spillage or injuries sustained.

Turn and shoot! Pew-pew-pew!

Turn and shoot! Pew-pew-pew!

A second mode to the game was Quick Draw, which as the name implies borrows the quick movements used in the Wild West when it comes to gunslinging. The most popular played was Gentleman’s Walk, which had players standing back to back, taking a step forward when the bell tolls. As the gunshot is heard everyone turns around and fires, the quickest and the straightest winning. Mexican Standoff followed a similar tactic but with people standing still facing each other. A team version of Gentleman’s Walk – Outlaws vs. Sheriffs was available but not played, the people wanting to claim victory for themselves, myself included.

way-of-the-dogg1Our main guest speaker, former Edge editor and current member of the One Life Left line up, Ste Curran gave us an insight into Way of The Dogg, a rhythm game featuring everyone’s favourite rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. Oh, you’d know him better as Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion? Anyways, the finer points we have been sworn to silence but it does look an intriguing title. Imagine this if you can: a combination of the martial arts aspect and tapping of Buddha Finger, the timed prompts and animation of Elite Beat Agents all to the music of Snoop Dogg and you’re somewhere close to Way of The Dogg. Mr Snoop himself lends his vocal talent to the game with a sneak behind the scenes peek in this video:

I am forbidden to say any more on this.

One Life Left is a video game podcast uploaded every Monday, our hosts for the night Simon Byron, Ann Scantlebury and back again Ste Curran gave us a recorded round up of the evening and some delightful vocal interviews with the creators themselves. I won’t spoil your enjoyment of listening to them, so you’ll just have to wait until May 20th.

The evening wrapped up shortly afterwards, but the night was not over for some. The One Lift Left gang and some others enjoyed some drunken karaoke until 2am. We were absolutely dynamite with our vocals.

GameCityNights is an event that happens on the last Thursday of every month at Antenna in Nottingham. For more information check out http://nights.gamecity.org/

External links for you all:

Steampunk League UDK 2013-04-19 15-51-47-38
DiXidia soft

Toy Wars Invasion
Toy Wars Invasion on Indiedb.com


Way of The Dogg
Keep up to date with all things Doggy style on Twitter: @SnoopDoggWayOTDogg1

One Life Left
Simon Byron @byronicman
Ann Scantlebury @scanters
Ste Curran @steishere

Additionally, Ste Curran’s Wikipedia page, something the chap is very proud of: Wikipedia – Ste_Curran

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