Feature – GameCityNights Season 4 Episode 4

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Feature, GameCity, Indie


Apologies for a lack of report last month, I was in Birmingham competing in the Pokémon TCG Nationals. I didn’t do well. Moving on! With Pat Ashe sadly unable to attend and do something wonderful with Proteus the focus was on the surrounding available games to play. There were a lot more to go round this time…


Upon entering Antenna, my first thoughts were “My word it’s busy in here.” as we had been inundated by students from Seoul, South Korea where GameCity Overlord Iain Simons had visited earlier this year. The students had endured a 17 hour flight to get here, not just for GameCityNights, but that would’ve been a worthwhile trip alone. As such many of the seats were taken but like a journalistic snake I wound my way through the throng and found a seat. I’m a professional.

Many of the games available to play had come from the BTEC Games Technology students from Confetti, an institute on the other side of the wall from where we were all sitting.

Apex Games had Epoch 5040, a FPS set in post-apocalyptic Nottingham where various factions are fighting it out to become the world’s leading power. Playing as mercenary Matthias, your latest job is to rid the Earth of the Skynet-esque Engine faction, a minor task. The level playable was a war-torn version of the Market Square here in Nottingham, myself being a Nottingham chap being told to “go to the Council House” I needed little guidance on where to go. Using the Unreal Engine it looks very nice to play, especially seeing an environment I actually know. Sadly what it made up with graphical polish it lacked with more gameplay, however I was informed this was due to some of the files corrupting after five weeks’ worth of work and what we saw was the result of two. So this can be forgiven due to technical difficulties. I hope to revisit my home town soon and shoot some machines, so fingers crossed Apex Games will return. There is a demo available to try; the link is right here!


Pangaea Games also used the Unreal Engine to create Roldan: Kolby Bloodline. A third person RPG which is still in development. Roldan looks amazing but like Epoch 5040 the gameplay on offer wasn’t the greatest. Perhaps the most disappointing thing was after walking to a man I was told by one of the developers that I had to go do something because the game couldn’t tell me to. Then after completing that task (which I wasn’t entirely sure I did, but got told I did) I had to be instructed to go back. This shattered the illusion for me for what could be a good game. After my little back and forth it was then onto a good shootout with some baddies in a farm field and then… no one really knew what after that. I did some running and jumping for fun, as you do. Like Apex I want Pangaea to come back so I can give it another bash once it’s been given an update.

This video shows off the impressive scale and effort that has gone into this game.


Project Zoran from Team Lucidity brought a 3D platform and adventure game which is “excessively hard”. Sounding and looking very much like a cross between Portal and those weird first person Desmond memory levels in Assassin’s Creed Revelations, jumping and avoidance is the key to escaping from the facility and making your way to the real world. After watching many people failing in their quest to survive and escape, the claim of excessive hardness does seem well founded.

Project Silhouette also brought us an RPG, currently titled Silhouette. Playing as a 15 year old girl returning to her home village, you find yourself picking up journal entries and playing through the memories contained within, giving opportunity to a multitude of locations and characters not dissimilar to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. As a team of three this maiden voyage has been worked on for nine months but for now they brought us a map to explore and pick up some pages.

MazeOfBearsBack again, from those chaps who brought you Attack of The Body Monsters, Snappy Fingers present Maze of Bears! This simple puzzler has you wandering through a maze searching for your lost cats, whilst avoiding bears and other perilous obstacles, almost every level adding a new mechanic to get to grips with. The first 35 levels (out of 130!) are available for a limited time on their website: http://www.snappyfingers.co.uk/




Crypt of the NecroDancer was one of the main attractions touted for the evening and value for fun was not a disappointment. After tumbling down a hole to her death in a graveyard (best place as any), the NecroDancer rips out this woman’s heart and she is forced to move to the NecroDancer’s beat for all eternity. The quest is on to hack and slash your way to confront the NecroDancer and retrieve your heart so you can rest in peace. However there was an element of disappointment for the wrong reasons. Using a dance mat to attack and move to the groove was very fun. However with the volume of everything else going on it was hard to appreciate this title properly, which was sad.


JoustingLessonsThe Korean students were introduced to Johann Sebastian Joust, and initially being unfamiliar with the mechanics resulted in the first few games being the most polite rounds of Joust I have ever witnessed. Soon the competitive streak emerged and they were running and jumping around like Joust veterans. I entered the fray, showing regulars and newcomers alike my legendary Joust skills, even going as far as to demonstrate my signature move to snap victory: The Trainer Throw. Apparently it’s been used for years but I refuse to believe that on the grounds that it could hurt my feelings.

On the big screen was Tenya Wanya Teens, a very surreal game. Playing with a friend you have to get the highest score on performing various actions, sounds simple right? These actions are assigned to coloured buttons which must be pressed when required, still sounds pretty straightforward? Here’s the twist. There are 12 buttons which light up different colours every time so what you press in this round won’t equal the same action as it did before. Hilarity ensues as all the colours get mixed in your head and you press a button which has you urinating on a girl’s feet instead of telling her you love her. She doesn’t seem to mind the former but after proclaiming affection she sprouts wings and a halo and descends towards the heavens. I played with house band Owain Davies and we preferred to think of it as delivering “personal inner enlightenment” as opposed to killing the ladies when it came to expressing our true emotion.


GameCityNights is an event that happens on the last Thursday of every month at Antenna in Nottingham. For more information check out http://nights.gamecity.org/

External links for you all.


Maze of Bears!

Crypt Of The NecroDancer Facebook


Pangaea Games Facebook


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