Feature – GameCity 8 PixelPyros

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Feature, GameCity
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That’s right readers. It’s that time of year again – GameCity 8 is here! And it literally went off with a bang… Well, with a digital bang which some may not say is a literal bang but is far from a technical bang… technically?


Although there wasn’t much to do, there was plenty to see.  At half seven the first batch of volunteers lined up like a firing squad, ready to unleash their gunpowder explosion. Tapping the orbs at the bottom of the screen set a firework off, which started off as lovely little streamers, but as the night went on they became more spectacular and lasers entered the arena for a magical treat for the eyes.

It’s hard to describe, so enjoy this amateur footage I snagged with my dodgy camera.

For more information check out the PixelPyro website – http://pixelpyros.org/

GameCity 8 will be happening in various Nottingham locations from 19th – 26th October. For full details and the schedule for your chance to get involved get over to the GameCity website – http://gamecity.org/

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