Feature – GameCity 8 – Cara & Keith’s Power Lunch [Monday]

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Feature, GameCity
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Power Lunch banner

Now although this is a format many may recognise from the breakfast events held at the broadway cinema in Nottingham, this now features at the more convenient portion of the day known as “lunchtime” where it’s not too early as to have a nice lie-in (unless you go to the breakfast ones as well) and not too late as to warrant the title dinner time. Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart will be lunching it up with us every day for the week, each with different guests. Who is with them today? Read on…


Jonathan Smith of TT Games,
Rare legend Martin Hollis,
Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague from Dentaku, with a very unconventional music making device.

*Video mysteriously vanishings for a bit*

Cara Ellison: @Carachan1

Keith Stuart: @keefstuart

Martin Hollis: @martinhollis

GameCity: @gamecity

Antenna: @Antenna_UK

Dentaku website

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