Feature – GameCity 8 – Broadway Breakfast with Robin Arnott

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Feature, GameCity
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Banner GCBreakfast

This was a weird one… It was a talk without a talk. In a word: uncomfortable.


Taken from the GameCity 8 website:

‘Today’s guest speaker is Robin Arnott, sound designer for Antichamber, Capsule and other things. Creator of Deep Sea. Currently developing SoundSelf, which is playable in Broadway’s Lounge screening room from 10.30am-5.00pm on Monday 21 & Tuesday 22.’

A worthwhile introduction, with a hint of possibly discussing how music influences games or something along those lines. However what we got was various YouTube videos to the backdrop of a a music album which sounded like it consisted of one track with a few random beats thrown in at intervals for flavour. Disappointingly the room slowly started to empty after 45 minutes, leaving a few others and myself, who stayed behind to record it for your viewing pleasure. The music wasn’t my cup of tea personally, but apples and oranges and all that.


For more information about Arnott and SoundSelf, check out the site soundselfgame.com and keep up with the latest updates on @VideoDreaming


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