Feature – GameCity 8 – Cara & Keith’s Power Lunch [Wednesday]

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Feature, GameCity
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Power Lunch banner

Today Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart shall be lunching it up with ladies from Lady Shotgun Anna Marsh and Katherine Neil, Santeri Koivisto from MinecraftEDU and Gordon Sinclair from Replay Events.

It’s actually just occured to me that I’ve never seen either Cara or Keith eat lunch at these events…


Today Cara sported a lovely pair of leather trousers. Although there had to have been a half price sale as only the front were leather… Sorry. Today we learn about the educational value in videogame sensation Minecraft from former substitute teacher turned MinecraftEDU founder Santeri Koivisto where children as young as five are harnessing the power of Minecraft. Learn about Keith Stuart’s “Maths Bugger”. Gordon Sinclair reveals that, yes, Replay Events are available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs and how Anna Marsh and Katherine Neil both decided that it was preferable to make their own rules when making games as opposed to sleeping under the desks as Sony.

To see the footage by the lovely people at Nottingham Trent University, waste no time. Click now!

Watch live video from gamecitylive on TwitchTV

Anna Marsh: @LadyShotgunGame

Katherine Neil: @haikus_by_KN

Cara Ellison: @Carachan1

Keith Stuart: @keefstuart

GameCity: @gamecity

Antenna: @Antenna_UK

MinecraftEDU: minecraftedu.com

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