Feature – GameCity 8 – Cara & Keith’s Power Lunch [Friday]

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Feature, GameCity
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Power Lunch banner

Today was action packed, in the only way an afternoon hour chat streamed over the internet can be. On the sofa today!  Ste Curran and Ann Scantlebury from One Life Left chat about their radio show and another mention of Karaokards, the man behind all the music of little known game Minecraft Daniel Rosenfield (maybe better known as C418) talks about how his music evolved and games designer Steve Gaynor, known for Gone Home contemplates on how much games developers and playwrights can learn from each other…


To see the footage by the lovely people at Nottingham Trent University, waste no time. Click now!

Watch live video from gamecitylive on TwitchTV

Steve Gaynor: @fullbright
Gone Home

Ste Curran: @steishere
Anne Scantlebury: @scanters
Karaokards: @Karaokards
One Life Left @onelifeleft

Daniel Rosenfeld: @C418
C418 at Bandcamp

Cara Ellison: @Carachan1

Keith Stuart: @keefstuart

GameCity: @gamecity

Antenna: @Antenna_UK

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