Feature – GameCityNights: GameCity Prize Special!

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Feature, GameCity


Is this the first episode of Season 5 for GameCityNights? I’ve decided to err on the side of caution and scribble around the issue on the banner… Around the time of the festival the shortlist was unveiled and the jury revealed to us…


Terrible weather, terrible traffic. I, as well as many others on the bus decided to disembark prematurely to find that our legs did indeed propel us at a greater distance along the ground than the omnibus to which we were seated. I was late. In my horror, I imagined the joint that is Antenna to be packed to the rafters, but to my delight found ample seating. The same fate which befell me seems to have infected the journeys of those also in attendance. I counted my blessings. Additionally I received word from a source at Devsoc that new games were coming.

Crowds filtered in and amassed around playable units of the award nominees The Last Of Us, FTL, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Thomas Was Alone, FIFA 13 and Spaceteam. Luncheon was provided and drinks were drank by all. The room did seem a little empty however that was due to some hardcore Feng Shui and the ceiling being removed to reveal a lighting grid thing. It was like the special effect you see in the movies where the end of a hallway extends beyond physical comprehension. That is the power of Feng Shui.

As the nominations were announced there appeared to be a clear winner by the public standard at least. Thankfully everyone was in agreement that FIFA 13 should not win such an esteemed accolade. The lights were dimmed as the unveiling was done via the magic of Skype. There was no guessing halfway through the title but the wham of encountering a face on screen:

A rightful victory for Spaceteam I hope you’ll all agree. It is a fun game which I have thoroughly enjoyed and encourage you and your friends to do the same. And with an announcement of new games coming soon… A tingle crept through the room. Watch this space. Team. Sorry.

GameCityNights is an event that happens on the last Thursday of every month at Antenna in Nottingham. For more information check out http://nights.gamecity.org/

Get your hands on Spaceteam from the App Store, Google Play or wherever it is you chaps get your games from, for free!

More info here: sleepingbeastgames.com/spaceteam

And keep up to date with all things Henry with @hengineer

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