Feature – GameCityNights – Season 5 Episode 1

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Feature, GameCity
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Today I arrive early due to the traffic issues from last month and found myself a nice seat. Ordering a pot of tea I sip, quietly, and start to feel like Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. I look around. To my right: NIDHOGG. My left: The Floor Is Jelly and Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Behind me: The Yawgh and Stop Looking You Swine.


There were no guest speakers in this night, just a casual night of easing people into the new GameCityNights year with some casual gaming. As such this breakdown is a little short, which is hugely ironic considering how late it is. The title may even be misleading as I’m only assuming this is the first episode of the fifth season, but it gives some form of chronological action until confirmed otherwise.

NIDHOGG is a game which sees you and a friend battle it out with Prince of Persia style pixelated character trying to get to the other side of the arena. When you finally reach the end side your reward is being eaten by a giant pink worm. A win is a win though, right? Who said it had to be a glorious victory? With wobbling characters that die in a melty fountain of yellow or orange spray, it makes for hypnotic viewing.

But it has a few interesting musical combinations. Observe the original YouTube video for it:


Now, turn the sound off and play audio from these two other videos:

Although for the second I recommend you skip to 1.10 for the best use of the audio:

Not bad eh?

A new entry from DevSoc came in the form of Stop Looking You Swine, a name apparently created “under delirium” which at first makes no sense, but it actually carries some subtext. Stop Looking You Swine was made in collaboration with a James Brown, though not the late Godfather of soul, resembling Wolfenstein 3D with a palette swap you have up to four players shooting it out. However every player is invisible so the previously frowned upon tactic of looking at your opponents screen to determine their location. With that in mind the title starts to make more sense. When shot the players turn out to be cheeky looking pills with the familiar facial expression of the Flerbz. Apparently this is because it is easier to code or something… I honestly wouldn’t know.

The Floor Is Jelly… The name says it all really. Charmingly colourful world, with the trees and bushes wobbling about as you tread on the ground beneath it. You progress from window to window on some magical journey, as most of these cute games do. But the little extra detail which has gone into this game such as the shoals of fish which move in true unison around you can’t help but smile. The smooth undulating of the environment is reminiscent of a lava lamp and I often found myself jumping in wooded areas just to see the background foliage undulate behind me.


The Yawhg is reminiscent of the chose your own adventures books made famous by Jackson and Livingston all those years ago with comic book style visuals accompanying each portion of the text. Checking out the trailer on their website it portrays the story as rather dark, whether this is darker than the Jackson and Livingston novels I cannot say. I watched one person playing for roughly five minutes as it switched between four different characters performing different tasks in and around this city. And although I may have differed with some of their decisions (I would’ve robbed some lost looking travellers I met I the woods just to see how dark it would get, however the chap playing was far more assisting) I found myself enjoying it as much as I would’ve done had I been playing it instead of him. But it would’ve included more pillaging.


I did consider playing Octodad: Dadliest Catch but after watching someone trying to hand his wife some milk in every way imaginable and it not working I felt I wasn’t in the right mind to play it without getting mad. However during its introduction at the beginning of the night it was touted as being “more annoying than QWOP!” so I shouldn’t be so surprised really.


GameCityNights is an event that happens on the last Thursday of every month at Antenna in Nottingham. For more information check out http://nights.gamecity.org/

The Floor is Jellythefloorisjelly.com

The Yawhgtheyawhg.com
Emily Carroll – emcarroll.com
Damian Sommer – damiansgames.com

Octodad: Dadliest Catchoctodadgame.com
Facebook group


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