Feature – GameCity Prize 2014 Shortlist Revealed!

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Feature, GameCity
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Tonight at a nicely attended Antenna in Nottingham, the crowds gathered to see which games made the shortlist for the coveted GameCity Prize, given to games which demonstrate what’s brilliant and interesting about games which make them stand out from other titles.


With previous winners being Minecraft in 2011, Journey in 2012 and Spaceteam last year, the GameCity Prize is given to a game which is judged by a panel of non-gamers, amongst last year’s Jury names included presenter Samira Ahmed, actress Louise Brealey and one half of visual artist sibling duo The Chapman Brothers, Dinos Chapman.

While the shortlist is compiled by a mystical group of experts known only as “The Academy”, it is the Jury who will play the games over the summer before the winner is announced at GameCity 9 in October. The Jury for this year is soon to be announced, and probably will be announced by the time you’re reading this.


So… onto the games. What is the final shortlist for the GameCity Prize 2014?


brothers-1120-01Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons





kzr-coverKentucky Route Zero





3Papers, Please





ss_83b5c355b9c6aaf8b9945ca7e31b4b9a119bcdfb.1920x1080Gone Home





image_303008_16x9_940Animal Crossing: New Leaf





RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_030GTA V




Which of these stands out as being more of an art form than a game?

Check out the details here prize.gamecity.org

Official GameCity 9 site coming soon! gamecity.org

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