Normally I, as well as many others, would use Pokébeach as a resource for getting my full set Pokémon TCG set scans way before it’s release. However they appear to be lax of late, I thought it might’ve just been me after being blocked from their Twitter for practically calling them frauds. Can post the picture again if you’d like. Other than that I thinkg they’ve been busy teaching their writers some bad habits – mainly to ensure they fellate themselves in the first couple of paragraphs and, if a “Premium Article”, try to suck up to you so you’ll pay for the rest.

Anyway, without further ado here are Ancient Origin scans, hopefully by the time you read this there should be a complete set. 90% of these have been scanned by my fair hand, the gaps filled in by generous contributors – so no bullshit about image stealing. Clicky for a full image.

AO-01 copy AO-02 copy AO-03 copy AO-04 copy AO-05 copy AO-06 copyAO-07 copyAO-08 copy AO-09 copy AO-10 copy AO-11 copy AO-12 copy AO-13 copy AO-14 copy AO-15 copy AO-16 copy AO-17 copy AO-18 copy AO-19 copy AO-20 copy AO-21 copy AO-22 copy AO-23 copy AO-24 copy AO-25 copy AO-26 copyAO-27 copy AO-28 copy AO-29 copy AO-30 copy AO-31 copy AO-32 copy AO-33 copy AO-34 copy AO-35 copy AO-36 copyCard back AO-38 copy AO-39 copy AO-40 copy AO-41 copyCard back AO-43 copy AO-44 copy AO-45 copy AO-46 copy AO-47 copy AO-48 copy AO-49 copy AO-50 copy AO-51 copy AO-52 copy AO-53 copy AO-54 copy AO-55 copy AO-56 copy AO-57 copy AO-58 copy AO-59 copy AO-60 copy AO-61 copy AO-62 copy AO-63 copy AO-64 copy AO-65 copy AO-66 copy AO-67 copyAO-68 copy AO-69 copy AO-70 copy AO-71 copy AO-72 copy AO-73 copy AO-74 copy AO-75 copy AO-76 copy AO-77 copy AO-78 copy AO-79 copy AO-80 copy AO-81 copy AO-82 copy AO-83 copy AO-84 copyAO-85 copyCard backAO-87 copyAO-88 copyCard backAO-89 copyAO-91 copy AO-92 copyAO-93 copyAO-94 copyAO-95 copyAO-96 copyCard backCard backAO-99 copyAO-100 copyAO-PR copy



AO-PR1 copy

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