My Report On My Assault At The Queens Hotel Pub, Beeston on 24/10/15

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I know this is not my usual topic of reporting that I would do. However I wanted to get these details down whilst they are still fresh in my memory and to have on record before any accusations are made to the contrary…

This is an account of the events of Saturday 24th October to the best of my abilities.

I entered the Queens Hotel pub on Queens Road, Beeston at approximately 4pm with my fiancé Kelly and friend Mel. The initial purpose of the visit was to play Sticky 13’s, a game usually played on Saturdays. However due to insufficient numbers or the management not being bothered to organise it, the games did not go ahead. We decided to stay and have some drinks. Between then and 8pm, the time of the assault, the man known to me as Ade and his family (comprising of wife and two children, a son and a daughter) had entered, as well as the Man known to me as Curly and his friend who I shall refer to as Lori (because of her resemblance to actress Lori Petty) had also entered. We had all consumed verying amounts of alcohol. I would estimate both men to be in their mid-to-late 40’s, well-built, with shaven grey haired heads. Curly having a stubbly beard as well as being overweight.

Ade’s son was wearing a leaver’s hoodie for the school John Clifford. I remember speaking to the boy about it but not the words. I spoke to Kelly that I thought that leaver’s hoodies for “Infant, junior and nursery schools was bollocks”, because they are compulsory education. Kelly and I began eating some food we had ordered from Pizza Zone from across the road. Ade must have overheard my earlier comment and approached me, asking me to accompany him outside so he could “have a word with me”. I refused. He pressed the matter and I told him wasn’t interested in anything he had to say. His primary concern that I used the word “bollocks” in front of his son. My response was that if he brings a child into a pub at 8pm on a Saturday night he shouldn’t be surprised if profanities are uttered (even though I would consider this a sub-profanity at the worst).

Curly and Lori spoke up also, Lori especially, pointing out that I said the phrase “kick a woman in the snatch” earlier. I do recall mentioning that phrase but it was in the context that kicking a woman in the groin has the same effect as kicking a man in the groin. I cannot recall the circumstances of the phrase beyond that. Not long after Ade’s continued attempts to get me outside, which was clear that he wished to threaten me at the least, I remember him grabbing me by my neck and pushing me towards the bar and against it, spilling my drink and remainder of my meal, effectively blocking me from leaving as he stood between myself and the exit. My glasses fell off due to him pushing my head back so. I did attempt to knee Ade in the groin to force him to release his hold on my neck but it failed. I then recall having Curly, Ade and Lori all in front of me, as well as some other patrons who I believe who were trying to hold us away from each other.  Ade’s wife joined the fray and the group continued to shout at me. I recall Lori throwing a punch at me which I deflected and retaliated with a strike to the stomach. Both her and Curly started shouting at me that she had lung cancer and that I couldn’t strike her. As sympathetic as I am to her condition, I will not accept blame for not exchanging medical history with each other and being provided with a checklist of places it is acceptable to engage with if they wished to initiate combat. I told the group that I didn’t care about her medical condition because they were ganging up on me.

That is when Curly punched me in the face. I suffer from epilepsy and it is entirely possible that a blow to the head could trigger a seizure, but I know if I had informed them of that danger they would not care. Ade and Curly launched themselves at me and I bent over and held my stomach to protect myself. I could hear scuffling and felt being struck several times on my lower back, my right thigh and my right shoulder. As the noises died down I stood up and looked down for my glasses. I found the frames which were damaged, but the lenses had been completely destroyed. Trampled by the two men and those trying to hold them back. Kelly and I left The Queens and decided that after the shock of the assault we would go to Mecca Bingo next door for another drink. Curly and Lori followed us and confronted us in the car park. Lori and Kelly were the most heated by this point (see explanation below) and I said to Curly “You hold your girl back and I’ll hold back mine”, Lori continued to take swings at me which I defended against. After a further exchange of words between Lori and Kelly and holding back of the ladies from further violence the pair withdrew and Kelly and I entered Mecca Bingo. I had to get several pieces of tissue to try and staunch the bleeding from the bridge of my nose, until a member of the Mecca staff came to our assistance and put a plaster on me. We later got home from a lift from my Step-brother Peter and his partner, who we met at Mecca.

[The account I received from Kelly was that while Curly was holding me by my neck, Kelly and Lori were exchanging words. Kelly was being restrained whilst Lori punched her in the face several times]

What I do not understand from the outcome of the evening is that as a father, Ade did not wish to have his son hearing adult language, yet however had no qualms about him and several others ganging up on one person and attacking them right in front of his son. However based on how quickly the situation escalated, I believe that his wife and children are familiar with his aggressive temper. Although I have no evidence to support this claim.

The injuries I have sustained are a black eye, a deep cut on the bridge of my nose, near where my glasses would rest, my neck is still sore (I write this statement on Wednesday 28th) and I have had to purchase a new set of glasses. I am currently using my old pair in the meantime. However the newer pair were stronger than this pair, meaning I am currently using an inferior pair of glasses and thus putting the integrity of my vision at risk.

As far as I am aware the management, Landlady Rae Green has taken no action regarding the situation, neither during the assault or any time since. I did contact her via Facebook, enquiring as to the names of my attackers but have yet to receive a reply. Since sending the message she has posted pictures of her dogs, which means she has been on her account and seen the message and decided to ignore it. I was informed by a friend that her husband went to the Queens later on in the evening and the police were present, yet I have heard nothing further since. It is possible that the assault and the police presence isn’t linked, however that is unlikely.

[Amendments made:

a) The names Curly and Ade were mixed up,

b) Lori was not Ade’s partner, just a friend.

The statement has been changed to reflect these changes]

This picture was taken at approximately 4.10am 28/10/15, shortly after writing this account.

This picture was taken at approximately 4.10am 28/10/15, shortly after writing this account.


This picture was taken at 11.22am 28/10/15.

This picture was taken in the toilets at Mecca Bingo after the incident

This picture was taken in the toilets at Mecca Bingo after the incident

This picture was taken the next day, with my broken glasses, wires flailing.

This picture was taken the next day 25/10/15, with my broken glasses, wires flailing.
























Here you can see the Facebook interaction between Rae Green and myself after linking this article. Whilst I have no problem with her trying to defend herself, some of what she had to say I found slightly odd – primarily with the police reporting. According to Rae “I’ve made a statement to the police.oddly not one other person involved wants to make a statement. The police so far have advised me that they have spoken to those I gave names for and no one heard or saw anything! Amazing.” I shall go through what I find a discrepancy with:

  1. After saying several times that she was not present during the incident she was able to make a statement, apart from “I came in and it looked a mess.” I’m not sure what someone who wasn’t there could offer.
  2. Not one other person involved wanted to make a statement, which implies that she knows the people who were involved. Their silence on the matter is naturally a stonewalling tactic.
  3. Rae gave a list of names which the police have apparently spoken to those on the list. As I mentioned in my reply, as someone heavily involved in the incident I have yet to be contacted, which means this list was very short and void of the main characters, or non-existent. People who know me were present at the time and could easily offer my name, it wasn’t a case of my being in a room full of strangers. In the post of Rae’s which was removed for whatever reason she pointed out that I had omitted in my report that it was Kelly who knocked over the table and caused damage to the fixtures and fittings. I have explained that I was at the time otherwise engaged by a hand on my throat. And also asked that if no one heard or saw anything, how was blame laid at Kelly’s feet? I also know the police haven’t spoken to Kelly, surely with the whirlwind of destruction she left behind, she would’ve been on the list?


Still haven’t recieved an apology either.


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