Video Gains: A Man’s Guide for Game Music at the Gym Part 2

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Feature
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Naturally there are more ch00ns out there from games for you to get your gains on to. I couldn’t stop at the ones provided, and let us be honest, why would I? You can’t always work out to four songs. People need variety at times. I go through periods of obsession where I get so caught up in a couple of songs that I listen to them constantly until I get tired of them. Currently it’s a lot of The Offspring songs. Anyways, on to the gains.

1: Portal 2 – Science is Fun

When I came across the soundtrack for this, even before I found a track I deemed appropriate, I knew I wanted something from it in this list because I love the Portal games, even more so that they have taken my surname and attached it to a character. It makes the Wheatley Laboratories t-shirt I own all the more special to me.

Another strong contender was Bombs For Throwing At You and An Accent Beyond, but settled for Science is Fun because it is the first I came across and it offers a short rest period at the 0.43 mark.

2: Super Hexagon – Courtesy

This was a bit of a toughie since either of the other two tracks could go on the list, this is a case of personal preference.

3: Crash Bandicoot – Hog Wild, Whole Hog

This track is from two levels which involve Crash jumping on a hog and charging his way through the level. It may be as “hard” as the other tracks you will find on this list, but it holds a special place in my heart as a game I played to death when it was released in 1996.

4: Mario Golf Toadstool Tour – Peach’s Castle Grounds

Again, another track which is more laid back than the rest, but you can’t have everything too face-paced. Plus when it mixes in the Peach’s Castle theme from Super Mario 64 in there as well with a steel drum – never fails to bring a smile to my face. Happy listener equals Happy Gains.

These songs will be added to the original post which shall serve as an archive on the topic.


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