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After the amazing success of the Shadewyrm, it’s now time for another amazing game mode. I know it was successful because no one has come back with any negative feedback. There hasn’t been any other feedback either, but I’m sure we can all agree I’ve always been a very positive person who always looks for the upside of things.

S Sent uninspired

This idea was conceived shortly after the Shadewyrm but has gone through various remixes into what it is today, since then Beastgrave was released, so I made its own version so it wouldn’t feel left out. The rules are identical, just the name of the model has changed, for the purposes of ease I’ll just refer to it as the Sentinel throughout. Double the cards have been provided, and you may ask “If you have done one for both core modes, why does the Shadespire version have the Beastgrave border?” And that’s a very good question and I’m glad you asked. Also you have double the lore to go with the magic of Beastgrave. I’m sure you will agree that they couldn’t be any more different:

Vaults of mysterious artifacts are scattered throughout the Mirrored City, those with more money than sense wanting their precious possessions kept so secret and safe, no one could even see them without special appointment, relics of the Katophranes that are considered twice as valuable as the sturdiest armour or the sharpest blade, can be found in these troves amongst other rare finds. They are entrusted into the care of the Sentinels, automatons who guard without end, no need to sleep, no need to eat, no end to their contanst vigil over that which they have been commanded to protect. If anyone dare disturb their cache of riches without being given the correct deactivation command, they strike without warning and with devastating force.

Some say the Golems are the evolution of the Silent People. Some say they are prisoners of the mountain, those that have been drawn into its depths and then remade into its image. Kind of like what Nagash did to the City of Shadespire where everyone wastes away into skeletons, but totally different. Treasures amassed by those unknown, maybe the Silent People, maybe explorers, no one can be sure, are horded in chambers amongst Beastgrave. What does seem to be certain is that wherever a large amount of valuables can be found, a Golem will be there guarding it.

Records of goings on within Beastgrave mainly confirm only the existence of treasure. On the other hand there are also whispers of rooms altering, rocks, items and even people disappearing then reappearing without sound. Some say it’s the mountain itself, some say it’s the delusion of madmen, there is only explanation that everyone can agree is the cause behind the strange happenings – Reasons.

Setting up is eerily similar to the Gargant action: No objective deck is required. Earn as much glory by taking objectives back to your Safe Zone and defeating enemies. You can go after the Sentinel if you like, but it’s tough.

Game will last for ~four~ rounds (see how this goes).

Controlling player

If a player has all their fighters out of action, they are the Controlling Player. If all players are lucky enough to have at least one fighter on the board, players roll off and the winner is the Controlling Player for any rolls made by the Sentinel that round.

Placement of Sentinel Board and designation of Safe Zone
  • The Sentinel Board will go in the middle between all boards.
  • Designate the Safe Zone for each player, which will be the same number of hexes away from the Sentinel hex in the centre.
  • The Sentinel board is considered no man’s territory.

Here is an example of a four board setup, with Safe Zones set up as 7 hexes away from the Sentinel hex, but feel free to try more or less depending on the warbands you want to use.

4 board setup

New Actions

For this exciting new game mode there are some fantastic new actions that you can use:

  • Pick-up: Pick up an objective. Put that Objective token on the fighters character card.
  • Pass: Pass an objective which has been picked up by a fighter to another friendly fighter
  • Superaction: Charge Pick-up: move action followed by a Pick-up action
  • Superaction: Charge Pass: move action followed by a Pass action
  • Reaction: Drop after a fighter’s activation, you may place an objective held by a friendly fighter into an an adjacent, unoccupied hex (created by Chris Blouin)

(Chris and I had a great chat about his experiences with the Sentinel, and he created a nice reference sheet, which has a few differences. I wish I still had what we chatted about. I’m so sorry Chris.

It’s available to download beastgrave-golem )

Both superactions give the fighter a charge token

If a fighter who has picked up an objective is the target of a successful attack and is driven back, that fighter drops the objective on the hex they previously occupied.

The Sentinel does not activate in turn with other players. However it can react.

When an objective is picked-up when it is adjacent to the Sentinel makes an attack reaction with Titan Fist as if it were the next player to take a turn. Even if the Titan Fist attack is not successful and the player would normally be driven back, the objective is dropped where it was originally picked up from.

The Sentinel cannot be driven back or moved/pushed by actions/gambits.

After each player has had four activations, after the power step, the Sentinel unleashes its Guardian Laser attack. This attack is Scything. The Controlling Player picks a hex and goes clockwise, the inner circle will complete before moving outwards:

guardian laser

If this attack drives a fighter back, they are pushed back into the hex directly behind, potentially putting them at risk of the next range of the attack action. If they cannot be driven back to that hex, the Controlling Player decides which direction that fighter goes.

If a fighter who has picked up an objective ends their move action on or beyond the Safe Zone hexes, that player gets 3 glory points for each objective. When an objective crosses into the Safe Zone, remove it from the game.

The Sentinel doesn’t have to be out of action for a player to win, but if someone does take the Sentinel out of action that player gets 5 glory

Things which remix/override the rules because they can:

  • Ghartok can be driven back by the Titan Punch attack action. That’s right, he is that strong.
  • The Stalagsquig cannot be placed on an objective next to the Sentinel at the beginning of the game.
  • If the Blue Horror is transformed into the Brimstone Horror when enough damage has been dealt, it is not driven back as mentioned on the card.
  • Fighters who on their fighter cards cannot hold objectives (such as the Batsquig), can pick up objectives
  • Fighters who have picked up an objective are not considered to be holding it for the purposes of bonuses from gambits/upgrades
  • If an objective has been picked up, it is not considered on the board and cannot be affected by power cards

After 4 rounds, the player with the most glory wins. If there is a tie, the player who has returned the most objectives to their Safe Zone wins.

Below should hopefully be to scale Sentinel boards, one is more square, the other more standard board shaped:

For an extra challenge if you have those Hard Mode feels: When making a regular Pick-up or Pass action, roll a defence dice. Anything other than a dodge is a success. If a dodge is rolled, Scatter one from the first fighters hex. If the scatter roll lands on another fighter, they automatically pick-up the objective.

  1. […] The Amber Army are soldiers of stone summoned by the Ambermancers, remnants of the Silent People who have a connection to the mountain, and they stand between you and escape from the Ambermancers lair, behind you is a cavern which gets smaller throughout the game, so hanging back isn’t an option. You’ve got to either break through the mountain, or become part of it. How easy or hard you want to make it depends on the warbands you use and the cards in your deck (or even if you want to use cards at all!). I hope you enjoy giving this a try. If your appetite for game variants doesn’t stop here, please check out the Shadewyrm game mode and Sentinel game mode. […]

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