The Silent People were not known for their skills of negotiation, nor diplomacy, their penchant for expression was in their artwork, vague scribbles can be found etched in the walls of Beastgrave. Not entirely appealing to modern eyes, these crude drawings were speculated that the artist was hoping to appease the spirit they believe resides in the mountain, or the mountain itself.


Those who gain the favour of the mountain, whether by artistic licence or some other show of strength are granted additional affinity with the Amberbone within, becoming Ambermancers. Although their power pales in comparison to the mysterious abilities of the mountain, Ambermancers act as a conduit for its power, able to manipulate stone, make it as fluid as water, lapping around the feet of their enemies, before solidifying it, immobilising them and putting them at the ravaging of the Silent People, the mercy of the Ambermancer, or the wrath of the mountain.

Perhaps the most dangerous of the powers of the Ambermancer, is that to create living soldiers of stone, warriors that could take any shape, wield a multitude of weapons and should it be cut down, an exact replica would appear to continue the work. In the whisperings that still linger, the Silent People were not renowned for being fighters, and relied on the protection of the mountain and the additional abilities of the Ambermancer to defend themselves from enemies.


  • No objective deck needed, but can use power cards, usual deck rules apply
  • Use the long board set up, or short, the power is yours
  • Your aim is to get to the other side of the board, the edge hexes at the opposite end to your starting side. In front of you are those summoned from the Amber Army, behind you is a tunnel which is fast collapsing. You have 3/4 rounds to get out or become one with the mountain
  • The Amber Army has the Rock Warrior keyword (may be used in future things, I don’t know yet)
  • You start on the opposite end of the board, line your fighters on the edge hexes, if your warband numbers more than hexes there, put them in front, although having too many fighters is not that advised
  • Line the warband you have chosen for the Amber Army on the opposite board end
  • When it is the turn of the Amber Army, push each fighter one hex towards your warband, following the preference table below:
  1. Closest fighter; if more than one:
  2. Fighter with the lowest wound characteristic; if more than one:
  3. Your Leader (if applicable); if not:
  4. The fighter with the most upgrades; if more than one, roll off for each fighter, the losing fighter is the target
  • If at the start of their activation, there is a friendly fighter within 3 hexes of an Amber Army fighter, no fighter is pushed. Instead that fighter (unless it has already done so) will make a charge action against that fighter, if the fighter has more than one attack, it will use its closest range attack, if there are more than one, the one which will deal the most damage, if it has more than one of those; the attack which rolls the most dice… Should you get this far in the list, roll off for each attack, the winning roll is the attack used. If the attack can result in the target being driven back, the attack will do so, I’ll let you determine which direction. If a member of the Amber Army attacked with a charge, give that fighter a charge token and they do not get pushed for the remainder of the round.
  • If at the start of their activation, there is a friendly fighter adjacent to an Amber Army fighter, they immediately make an attack action.
  • If after the relentless moving forward of the Amber Army and your own warbands efforts to escape give the Amber Army several options of who to send in for a charge, there are many ways you can resolve which one attacks for that turn; you could have the fighter with the lowest wound characteristic, or the Leader setting an example by going first, you may wish to assign each Amber Army fighter a priority number, the highest priority number fighter will always attack first if able to do so.
  • You are welcome to attack the fighters of the Amber Army, and you will get 2 glory points for taking it out of action. At the end of the activation though, place the fighter that was out of action on an edge hex where it started originally.

ROCKTIDE: At the end of 4 activations for each player, the walls behind begin to shift, the wall appears to be falling upwards and downwards at the same time, but this is not something which requires investigation at this time, only haste. Roll an attack die


– the rocktide moves 3 hexes


– the rocktide moves 2 hexes

Any other result – 1 hex

bg logo 2

Where the rocktide finishes, that is now considered the edge hexes for that board, any hexes beyond that do not exist, these edge hexes are also lethal hexes. If any friendly fighters are caught in the shifting stones, for example see below:


Fighter 1 suffers 2 wounds climbing free and to safety Fighter 2 suffers 1 wound climbing free and to safety Fighter 3 is buried too deep and is immediately taken out of action

If after pushing someone away from the rocktide into a safe hex that is currently occupied, that fighter is pushed back to an adjacent hex and also suffers 1 wound (alternatively they could stay in the lethal hex and suffer an additional 1 wound, depends how tricky you want to make this for yourself)

  • Any fighters of the Amber Army who are caught in the rocktide are not damaged, if even the hex they are occupied becomes the new edge hex, push them forwards and remove all (if any) wound tokens from their fighter card, as they are rejuvenated and born anew from the living rock.
  • This is much more magical rock than previously encountered in Beastgrave, warbands that have fighters who would usually ignore lethal hexes, forget it here, the mountain will always win. Lethal hexes already on the board can be treated as usual and those fighters can continue to be unaffected by them, unless the cavern wall covers it as it passes over.
  • If a friendly fighter finishes an activation on the opposite edge hex (even if it’s from a knockback) that fighter has escaped and can be taken from the board.
  • If over half your warband (rounded up/down?) escapes, you win.

Try it with any combination of warbands and see which ones you can make it out alive!

Few extras

  1. The Amber Army cannot be made Quarry
  2. Any successful attack action made against the Amber Army which has Knockback X will only push that fighter 1 hex
  3. Amber Army fighters cannot inspire
  4. Amber Army fighters cannot use any additional actions on their fighter cards, such as Skritch bringing back a fighter, passive reactions such as Ghartok’s Gorefist reaction, and Rippa’s Snarlfangs’ Snarlfang’s Jaws attack can occur as normal
  5. If you really want to have the Grymwatch as your Amber Army, Muster will happen as normal, but Ghoul Call cannot be used as an independent action
  6. You can just run forward if you want, and if that’s your bag, I recommend Blood Bowl instead
  1. […] for the best when Derek is involved. Either way you can check out the Amber Army Escape mode here. As Derek said he’s written up a few scenarios already but they require 2 players minimum. […]

  2. Great solo player rules, played a couple of games last night, Gitz worked surprising well thanks to Scurry. Just to check about the Amber Army, does the actions for them run in the order you listed. So if a amber fighter was adjcecent to a friendly fighter and another was in charge range, would the charge be the action that activation?

    • Glad you’re enjoying it. If you don’t want to put a priority “chart” on your Amber Army fighters which would give an order of who to activate first, the choice is up to you on how much of a challenge you want to give yourself, whether you you want an enemy to charge and get an assist, or take the adjacent attack. Personally I’d have the adjacent fighter attack first.

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