Warhammer Underworlds Custom Warband Cards: Obsydius’ Entourage, The Wavebreakers and Malevoreth’s Shadowcult

Posted: June 20, 2020 in Beastgrave, Board game, Games Workshop, Shadewyrm, Tabletop, Underworlds, Shadespire, Warhammer, Warhammer Underworlds
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This is mainly here so I have somewhere safe to reference these cards that I made. As they’re either buried under a mass of Facebook posts, or involve lots of scrolling on my phone.

01 arch uninspired


Obsydius’ Entourage 

This warband was created before the Grymwatch were announced and released, because I have a Flesh-Eater Courts army and I love ’em (despite not having played a single game with them)

Naturally these are much better than Grymwatch because I did them:


The Wavebreakers

I just like the aesthetic of these water elves. I treated them a little like the Skaven, in that they can be brought back, not resurrected like Sepulchral Guard, but there just being a horde of them popping in every now and then. I wanted them to have a creature like Ripfang et al, however I couldn’t really find a relevant existing model which fit the bit. So water Pokémon Mantine was a fine substitute I think you’ll agree.


Malevoreth’s Shadowcult

Another warband done before the official warband was announced, I was drunk on the aggro power the blood god warbands demand and had to give them more. I don’t know how similar they may be as they haven’t been released yet, but if I do say so myself, I like the Touch of Death magic attack, shamelessly borrowed from an ability the Hag Queen has in Age of Sigmar.


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