As foretold another totally legit warband has been revealed in the totally legit world of Warhammer Underworlds: Doomruin,  the history of which was revealed previously…

There are some beings who dwell in the Doomruin believing it is their entitlement to do so. On one hand some prefer the darkness compared to the white amberbone lights of the city, and the solitude the reputation the castle commands. Others consider it their palace to which they have control of the metropolis below, seeing them as cattle they can control at will, the Crimson Court are example of the latter…


Count Horatio knows that he and his entourage are not the most prestigious residents of Doomruin, even he respects the authority of a select few, more so out of fear than actually holding them in a higher esteem to his own, but the Crimson Court definitely consider themselves worthy of veneration and reverence from the majority of those who lodge within Doomruin and outside its walls.

Despite being vampires, the curse that broke Shadespire still affects them, and do not require food and drink to survive, however Nagash’s involvement in the creation of the first vampire, Neferata, still influences them. They do not find themselves imbibing on the blood of another as often as they once did, but prolonged periods of non-consumption will leave them weak and vulnerable, not befitting for someone of their high stature, so visits to the common folk have been known to happen.

I kept thinking about the certain unique characteristics of the warbands, and their unique methods of inspiration. Despite my love of just getting in there and hitting as hard as I can, I took a step back and thought what about those who may be able to do a little damage, but give themselves a little something back at the same time… Vampire Counts seemed the logical choice for this. As such I made their damage output not as big as others, but enough to hold their own initially, with their inspiration happen at the end of the action phase like the Grymwatch, so they don’t inspire too easily and shrug off any damage you’ve inflicted on them so easily.

I know the model for the Handmaiden Masha is a Sorceress, however I was having a troublesome time finding matching models and images. Female vampires are not represented as well as you may think. I liked the image, I liked the model, so thought to hell with it and smashed them together.

And for the first time in my messing around with Warhammer Underworlds cards, my first objective card. I’m sure I had some other ideas floating behind my eyes… but I forgot.


Another delightful bit of behind the scenes info, there was a fourth member planned. A Corpsemaster/Necromancer (which would’ve used the Corpsemaster model from the Mortis Engine either way because I like the look of it). He was initially going to be a wizard who could heal one wound as a spell on rolling a crit. But I thought that was taking the healing a bit too far.

Original lore: Corpsemaster Hagata once commanded a mighty Mortis Engine, but found himself trapped in Beastgrave whilst he waited for his arcane energy to replenish, and then found himself in Doomruin, where the Crimson Court have assumed him the role of servant. He isn’t a vampire himself and has little wish to become one, irregardless, Count Horatio does not deem him worthy to share his gift with him.


Who knows. Maybe I’ll add him back in. Answers on a postcard please.

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