Warhammer Underworlds – Doomruin: The Quest of Heroes / The Bane of Morcar

Posted: July 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

Not everyone who enters Doomruin wishes to establish some sort of dominance, there are those who seek to restore order whilst they accomplish their goals of escape…

Zargon banner

Under the guide of the sage known only as Mentor, the Heroes have been collectively renowned as the Bane of Morcar (who may be known as Zargon in other realms) for they have persistently pursued Mentor’s former apprentice, who turned to darkness after discovering the magic of Chaos and found its dark pull too tempting to resist. Their latest quest found them exploring the region surrounding Beastgrave, as news-carrying ravens reached Mentor with news that Morcar was preparing for a great summoning somewhere within the region. Without hesitation the fellowship entered Beastgrave and like so many others fell under its curse. Mentor had been deceived. He couldn’t be entirely certain but he would bet his life this was Morcar’s doing.

The Heroes battles through, unknowing of the inadvertent betrayal by their leader. At least they broke through the walls of reality and found themselves in the Doomruin, the castle being a more familiar sight, but not where they expected it to be at all. Surely this must be Morcar’s hidden citadel and his forbidden ceremony must be happening within. Travelling into the city they interacted with its varied inhabitants, learned about their fate and deduced that it was a trap and Mentor had somehow been tricked. The journey started in Beastgrave which led them to Doomruin, and in Doomruin the next chapter will be, which will either lead to freedom or take them on the next step in their quest to break this curse and stop Morcar for good…

Not as polished as others I know, but I have such love for Hero Quest I couldn’t take it any longer withholding these from the masses. They were going to have a more talisman/relic finding inspiration condition, but thought I’d hold off on that for another project.

The inspiration for this came from suggestions from a couple of people, sadly their names I cannot recall, in response to a post from another person I also cannot recall the name of. So sorry to all of you. I had to put my current other warband plan on hold because this was such a perfect group of people to make a warband for, and kicked myself for not thinking of it myself. A massive plus is that these models may be easier for people to source than some of the other random (yet official and relevant) models I’ve been using in my warband cards. Even I might even use these guys.

I do have plans to make some inspired gambit spells from the game, as well as a potential promo “BROOOADsword” Barbarian promo, but let’s get the serious stuff outta the way first…

  1. WathLab says:

    Just a short word to say that I’m a big fan of your custom warbands… and this one is by far my favourite! Keep up this awesome work!

  2. Purveyor of logic says:

    Loving the work so far.
    The elf does have the potential to be a better spell caster than the wizard though.
    Might need tweaking to prevent this.

    • Many thanks for your input. I originally had an idea to make the Wizard a level 3, but opted for more magic damage because it was less photoshop work. Maybe a reroll on spells would work better?

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