Warhammer Underworlds: Wrathfort – Stormbond’s Infiltrators

Posted: February 20, 2021 in Beastgrave, Direchasm, doomruin, Games Workshop, Shadewyrm, Tabletop, Underworlds, Shadespire, Warhammer Underworlds, Wrathfort

Legends whisper about a dark part of the Doomruin, hidden deep within the Beastgrave, which was previously impassable due to crystallised Amberbone encasing it and all passages into it. However something has stirred within the mountain and what was once hidden has now been unlocked…

The mountain is displeased, now its creamy innards usually used for sustenance have been depleted due to the Katophrane Curse cast by Nagash, leading the way to an unknown region, known by some as “The Chasm of Direness”, “Unhappy Valley” or “Sad Canyon”, the survivors of Sanctuary, the town near to the Doomruin, were still deciding on a name… All that mattered was that more of the Doomruin was being opened up and the eternal horror that is no doubt awaiting to escape…

The first warband is Stormbond’s Infiltrators…

Connery Stormbond was a fabled spy master known only within the circles of his craft, charged with protecting the rulers of his realm, but more specifically an expert in rooting out the spies of Chaos, and was merciless in administering his judgment against those who have aligned themselves with the foul Gods. His reputation had kept many insurrections at bay, until a cabal of cultists overran the castle, overthrowing the kingdom and killing most of the royal family. Connery managed to smuggle a Countess to safety from the advancing hordes before falling himself, taken to Azyr to carry on his work. For his tireless service and as an aid to his cause, he was gifted Thunderjaw, a gryph-hound.

Quartermaster Lewin knew Connery briefly in his life as a mortal, at least he thinks so, he isn’t quite sure. An inventor of small scale warfare, creating smaller gadgets to give fighters an edge when a keen blade may not always be enough. He carries on his craft as a Stormcast Eternal, his quick thinking able to make quick modifications to adapt to the situation. Maybe he does recognise Connery, or maybe he is familiar with his drive for justice against Chaos at any cost… either way, he is honoured to give his assistance.

Xenandria Chaleron lived her life in opulence, she wanted for nothing but never succumbed to the corruption in the Palace she lived in. She could see the games, the backstabbing and betrayal happening around her and although she had a fierce burning desire to put a stop to it all, she thought herself alone and powerless. She trained heavily in the bow so that when her courage would overflow, she would be ready. That sense of being alone came to an end when her Palace was overrun by the forces of Chaos and a lone agent helped smuggle her to safety. She held that face to memory in life so solidly but as a Stormcast it is fogged beyond recognition. However her anger never clouded, and she was reforged as Xenia Ragebolt, so she could repay her debt.

Many thanks to the Mortal Realms magazine for providing these models, it reminds me of when we all saw what would eventually be Ironsoul’s Condemnors and Lady Harrow’s Mournflight, and we all assumed that they would be the next core set in when (I want to say Nightvault?) it came out. With the pre-textured bases it seemed a perfect fit, and models that are actually obtainable compared to what I’ve used in my previous warbands. I also used my own models this time.

This will hopefully be something akin to Dreadfane. So I welcome all assistance/suggestions on ploy/upgrades/objectives/hazard cards for these guys, as well as the next warband coming sometime in a week or so… Coming soon, the Corrupt Magistrates…

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