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Do excuse the past tense this article may contain. It was written and went online yesterday before the establishment opens. But the rest of the information is gold. Trust me.


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At GameCity’s future headquarters we all sat with baited breath. We’ve known the nominations for some time. We’ve known the Jury for some time. The Jury and the nominations have had some time to get to know each other a little better, to decide who is worthy of winning the 2014 GameCityPrize… AND THE WINNER IS…



Christos Reid, a former games journalist turned games creator of Failnaut (“Boldly fucking things up where no one has ever fucked things up before”) gives a talk about how you can make an autobiographical game without losing the game portion, and still make people understand the issue.

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Tonight at a nicely attended Antenna in Nottingham, the crowds gathered to see which games made the shortlist for the coveted GameCity Prize, given to games which demonstrate what’s brilliant and interesting about games which make them stand out from other titles.



Back to the world of alternative interpretations of world building we go. We’ve had a general-ish chat with lots of piccies, a nice glimpse into stop motion animation and now it’s the turn of the mutilated tree – Paper and card, and how it is used to make a unique-esque world for us all to immerse ourselves.

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After last month’s Worldbuilding talk was deemed so successful it seem foolish to stop the ball rolling right there. So we made a small step from discussing games for the moment…

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Once again, apologies for the massive delay. When you’re busy napping and painting models from Super Dungeon Explore like characters from the Tales games, your time flies by. I’m feeling very confident that the most recent GameCityNights will be published before the next one. Promise. This episode hass Tammy Nicholls, Graphic Design Lead at Games Workshop, who will be telling us all about “Building fantastic worlds: The history, techniques, and applications of worldbuilding”, apparently using the fictional THESIS Industries as an example…




Today I arrive early due to the traffic issues from last month and found myself a nice seat. Ordering a pot of tea I sip, quietly, and start to feel like Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. I look around. To my right: NIDHOGG. My left: The Floor Is Jelly and Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Behind me: The Yawgh and Stop Looking You Swine.

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Is this the first episode of Season 5 for GameCityNights? I’ve decided to err on the side of caution and scribble around the issue on the banner… Around the time of the festival the shortlist was unveiled and the jury revealed to us…

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Phew, the festival is finally over. All that trekking across town sure takes it out of you when you try to get to as many of the events as you can, as well as visiting the Open Arcade to check out and test the finely crafted creations of those who have travelled from afar to bring to you…

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