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With the taste of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World still lingering at the back of my mouth, it was with trepidation that I started playing the sequel to the delightful Tales of Xillia. Thankfully it doesn’t make the same mistakes of Dawn of the New World. It has a few new ones though.



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It had to be done really, I couldn’t review just one half of the game without considering the latter portion, it just wouldn’t be professional. Plus I’d pretty much forgotten everything about the game so had to refresh my memory. I feel I owed it to myself considering how much money I spent on this…

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This is a game which I hope many of you have already played. However those who weren’t around for the GameCube era, didn’t have a GameCube or simply didn’t care back then, this may be for you. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is a game which has been rereleased along with the sequel Dawn of the New World, which I’ll probably get round to reviewing at some point in the future…




DuckTales was a firm cartoon favourite of mine back in the late eighties and the DuckTales NES game was one of the most played games in my youth. Back then I could appreciate what the game had, non-linear levels, bosses with attack patterns to memorize and that several secret passages could be hidden everywhere. Scrooge McDuck’s treasure hunt prepared me for games were going to become in the future.

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For the upcoming LEGO Lord of The Rings game on many formats, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has been generous enough to give us this trailer, showing us the non-serious aspects of the LEGO series that makes these games so unique. Probably available in not many places at the moment, this is (possibly) a exclusive.


The more recent games within the Tales series are instantly recognisable, whether it is from its distinct graphical style, the familiar sounds which comprise each soundtrack to its unique battle system – you always know what you’re getting yourself into. But is that always a good thing? Do you yearn for change in a stale genre format? Thankfully, Tales of Graces f gives you a satisfactory dose of old with the new.


The LEGO formula has been applied to many franchises and it doesn’t look like the little block craze is going anytime soon. Since the original LEGO Batman in 2008 it seemed this little corner of the franchise was soon to be lost. But with a brand spanking new Batman film on the silver screen and trailers for a new Superman film on the horizon, it seems an opportunity too good to miss. But does the game match with the timing?