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No one really remembers what the Shadewyrms were originally called. The Katophranes that remember them as mere worms don’t really care, those that were responsible for what they became following Nagash’s curse pretend not to know, possibly out of shame, or just plainly refuse to tell. Fragments of records found around the City of Shadespire show these worms being much smaller, able to spit an acid to burn through organic matter, although relatively harmless to humans. They would eat for about a week, then slept for weeks, maybe months before waking to feed again…

wyrm unins




Phew, the festival is finally over. All that trekking across town sure takes it out of you when you try to get to as many of the events as you can, as well as visiting the Open Arcade to check out and test the finely crafted creations of those who have travelled from afar to bring to you…

SAM_1050 (more…)


Another year is upon us and with the ashes of GameCity7, the embers of GameCity8 are starting to glow. It will be a good few months before the phoenix will rise so in the meantime we have another years’ worth of GameCityNights to whet out appetites until then.



Welcome to the second of the roundups made of GameCity7, and we shall be reporting more on some of the games and happenings which have occurring this fantastic week.


Finally the time has come where all the stuff they have been mentioning at the GameCityNights which we have attended is meant to happen. That’s right, it’s GameCity time!


In preparation for this year’s GameCity event I thought it nice of us to bring you a vintage report of a certain event which happened at the previous GameCity festival. It was widely announced that the Town Square in Nottingham City Centre was to be transformed into the Hyrule Castle Market from Ocarina of Time as part of the sixth GameCity festival…


Pokémon has been around for over a decade now. And many unexplained matters do raise some concern when mentioned and you really think about it. Taken from Pokédex entries and flavour texts from the cards of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, these articles aim to bring these matters to the forefront of your mind and maybe change how you feel about Pokémon forever…