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I almost never wrote this review. The original beta I was given to play crashed after a nice amount of progress on two occasions. Although third time is apparently the charm it wasn’t something I was willing to risk my time on…


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Review – The Last Federation [PC]

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Indie, PC, Review


Seeing the trailer for The Last Federation filled me with excitement. Seeing a diverse space world of nations going at it, while not new, seemed refreshing based on the gameplay. However I feel I may have hyped myself up too much for this.

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Review – Flockers [PC]

Posted: December 29, 2014 in PC, Review
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Violence of the lambs… I’m sure that pun has already been mentioned, but it’s not too far off what occurs in Team 17’s Flockers. After being used by the Worms in their own games for various degrees of destructive warfare since the series’ creation in 1995, it seems the sheep have finally had enough and are attempting to break out en masse out of a Worm Sheep Processing Plant (Unofficial title) full of exposed giant buzz saws and crushing weights to the green pastures of freedom.



Review – Darksiders II [Wii U]

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Review, Wii U

The original Darksiders received mainly positive reviews and it was a surprise that a sequel was announced for a game which also praised was also considered an amalgamation of three different games series’: Devil May Cry, God of War and Nintendo’s very own Legend of Zelda. Darksiders II has been out on the rival consoles for months now but Vigil Games have given it the Wii U adaptation, complete with added gamepad interface.

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