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I’m forever worried that pictures taken on my phone will vanish. So here are a load of stuff I’ve painted which I, as of yet, have not been bothered to put on as a single post…


Not everyone who enters Doomruin wishes to establish some sort of dominance, there are those who seek to restore order whilst they accomplish their goals of escape…

Zargon banner


As foretold another totally legit warband has been revealed in the totally legit world of Warhammer Underworlds: Doomruin,  the history of which was revealed previously…

There are some beings who dwell in the Doomruin believing it is their entitlement to do so. On one hand some prefer the darkness compared to the white amberbone lights of the city, and the solitude the reputation the castle commands. Others consider it their palace to which they have control of the metropolis below, seeing them as cattle they can control at will, the Crimson Court are example of the latter…




At GameCity’s future headquarters we all sat with baited breath. We’ve known the nominations for some time. We’ve known the Jury for some time. The Jury and the nominations have had some time to get to know each other a little better, to decide who is worthy of winning the 2014 GameCityPrize… AND THE WINNER IS…


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It had to be done really, I couldn’t review just one half of the game without considering the latter portion, it just wouldn’t be professional. Plus I’d pretty much forgotten everything about the game so had to refresh my memory. I feel I owed it to myself considering how much money I spent on this…

_bmUploads_2013_10_31_6737_Tales_of_Symphonia_Dawn_of_the_New_World__Download__5 copy (more…)


That’s right people, I have become a fully fledged published journalist in print form. I have been immortalised on paper which has been sold to many people thanks to GamesTM in an article about GameCity with my close personal friend* Cara Ellison. Where? How? I hear these questions… The answer will be revealed…


*Slight exaggeration.


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I love Ste Curran, he’s always so honest. And here he is making the day even brighter with some top quality YouTube videos which have inspired him somehow… And a pitch for Karaokards. Which is something you really should get on board with.

20131025_090751 (more…)

For the upcoming LEGO Lord of The Rings game on many formats, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has been generous enough to give us this trailer, showing us the non-serious aspects of the LEGO series that makes these games so unique. Probably available in not many places at the moment, this is (possibly) a exclusive.


GameCityBreakfast is a magical time where various people will talk amongst themselves and answer questions… whilst having breakfast. I know, it’s shocking…