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DuckTales was a firm cartoon favourite of mine back in the late eighties and the DuckTales NES game was one of the most played games in my youth. Back then I could appreciate what the game had, non-linear levels, bosses with attack patterns to memorize and that several secret passages could be hidden everywhere. Scrooge McDuck’s treasure hunt prepared me for games were going to become in the future.

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Review – Darksiders II [Wii U]

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Review, Wii U

The original Darksiders received mainly positive reviews and it was a surprise that a sequel was announced for a game which also praised was also considered an amalgamation of three different games series’: Devil May Cry, God of War and Nintendo’s very own Legend of Zelda. Darksiders II has been out on the rival consoles for months now but Vigil Games have given it the Wii U adaptation, complete with added gamepad interface.

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