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Sadly this is the last of Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart’s GameCity 8 Power Lunch, but it has been semi-implied that this will be happening again next year. So fingers crossed. On the sofa today we had Robin Arnett commenting on SoundSelf, Yann Seznec from Lucky Frame talking about sound in games and also his new creation… The Rofflepillar! Imre Jele from Bossa Studios chats about Surgeon Simulator 2013 and some guy-no-one-has-heard-of Mike Bithell reveals more about something called Volume. I think it’s a game he’s working on or something.

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Today Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart shall be lunching it up with ladies from Lady Shotgun Anna Marsh and Katherine Neil, Santeri Koivisto from MinecraftEDU and Gordon Sinclair from Replay Events.

It’s actually just occured to me that I’ve never seen either Cara or Keith eat lunch at these events…

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Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart lunch it up with us again today, with guests being Ed Stern from Splash Damage, Tali Goldstein from We Are Minority, pixel guru Paul Veer and James Monkman from RGCD…

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Now although this is a format many may recognise from the breakfast events held at the broadway cinema in Nottingham, this now features at the more convenient portion of the day known as “lunchtime” where it’s not too early as to have a nice lie-in (unless you go to the breakfast ones as well) and not too late as to warrant the title dinner time. Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart will be lunching it up with us every day for the week, each with different guests. Who is with them today? Read on…