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Back to the world of alternative interpretations of world building we go. We’ve had a general-ish chat with lots of piccies, a nice glimpse into stop motion animation and now it’s the turn of the mutilated tree – Paper and card, and how it is used to make a unique-esque world for us all to immerse ourselves.

GCNS5E4Ant (more…)


At a venue which seats about… maybe 30 people at a stretch, many attended. It was as if GameCity didn’t think that Leigh Alexander and Quintin Smith talking about sex wouldn’t be that popular…

GC8LWSlocation (more…)

I know… it seems like we have another launch special, but this event is so special its specialness cannot be contained in a single special night. At least that’s what the organisers told us. The time has come for GameCityNights to start up again, three weeks before the start of the main event that is GameCity7. After a tearful reunion with the Grand Master of GameCity Iain Simons, House Band Owain Davies and bar manager Dan Bull we took up residence in a new spot…