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Review: Munin

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Reviews
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The ravens on mighty Odinn’s shoulders sit,
At daybreak to Midgardr they depart,
To eye all tidings of men they’ll there see,
Hugin and Munin, night after night

It’s hard to use the opening paragraph for a review to entice you when it’s a poem. Just click the link, it’s really good writing. Honest.


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Review – Flockers [PC]

Posted: December 29, 2014 in PC, Review
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Violence of the lambs… I’m sure that pun has already been mentioned, but it’s not too far off what occurs in Team 17’s Flockers. After being used by the Worms in their own games for various degrees of destructive warfare since the series’ creation in 1995, it seems the sheep have finally had enough and are attempting to break out en masse out of a Worm Sheep Processing Plant (Unofficial title) full of exposed giant buzz saws and crushing weights to the green pastures of freedom.




With the taste of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World still lingering at the back of my mouth, it was with trepidation that I started playing the sequel to the delightful Tales of Xillia. Thankfully it doesn’t make the same mistakes of Dawn of the New World. It has a few new ones though.




Snap. Solitaire. Go Fish. Unlike these card games there are few which have rules which can be massaged on a whim. Most card games come with a rule book which must be adhered to, lest unfair play occur. Fluxx is different, the objective and various game elements at, essentially – in a state of flux.

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This is a game which I hope many of you have already played. However those who weren’t around for the GameCube era, didn’t have a GameCube or simply didn’t care back then, this may be for you. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is a game which has been rereleased along with the sequel Dawn of the New World, which I’ll probably get round to reviewing at some point in the future…




There is an element of uncertainty with regards to what is considered to be a step forward for the RPG genre, as it feels to me that every angle has been tried. What seems to be needed in order to stand out is either to be a part of an established series, such as the Final Fantasy or the Tales franchises, or have an already established hook, such as Kingdom Hearts that went down the Disney route. Bravely Default however, has neither of these, yet it still manages to stand out rather spectacularly…

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The LEGO formula has been applied to many franchises and it doesn’t look like the little block craze is going anytime soon. Since the original LEGO Batman in 2008 it seemed this little corner of the franchise was soon to be lost. But with a brand spanking new Batman film on the silver screen and trailers for a new Superman film on the horizon, it seems an opportunity too good to miss. But does the game match with the timing?