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Sadly this is the last of Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart’s GameCity 8 Power Lunch, but it has been semi-implied that this will be happening again next year. So fingers crossed. On the sofa today we had Robin Arnett commenting on SoundSelf, Yann Seznec from Lucky Frame talking about sound in games and also his new creation… The Rofflepillar! Imre Jele from Bossa Studios chats about Surgeon Simulator 2013 and some guy-no-one-has-heard-of Mike Bithell reveals more about something called Volume. I think it’s a game he’s working on or something.

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Today was action packed, in the only way an afternoon hour chat streamed over the internet can be. On the sofa today!  Ste Curran and Ann Scantlebury from One Life Left chat about their radio show and another mention of Karaokards, the man behind all the music of little known game Minecraft Daniel Rosenfield (maybe better known as C418) talks about how his music evolved and games designer Steve Gaynor, known for Gone Home contemplates on how much games developers and playwrights can learn from each other…

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I love Ste Curran, he’s always so honest. And here he is making the day even brighter with some top quality YouTube videos which have inspired him somehow… And a pitch for Karaokards. Which is something you really should get on board with.

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We’re getting to the end I swear! Today we have Andrew Roper, Andrew Smith from Spilt Milk Studios, Holly Gramazio from Hide and Seek, and George Buckingham from Die Gute Fabrik. You know you want to watch…

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Helping those digest their Thursday morning fry ups was Anna Marsh from Lady Shotgun Games, who gave us some early morning education into some of her quirky gaming inspirations.

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Today Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart shall be lunching it up with ladies from Lady Shotgun Anna Marsh and Katherine Neil, Santeri Koivisto from MinecraftEDU and Gordon Sinclair from Replay Events.

It’s actually just occured to me that I’ve never seen either Cara or Keith eat lunch at these events…

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Having spent time in the company of this board games wizard and his zany ways over the past couple of days I felt very optimistic about this breakfast gathering after yesterday’s. Thankfully the man did not disappoint. Quintin Smith may have taken his time eating his breakfast before beginning, but you can’t rush these things…

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Cara Ellison and Keith Stuart lunch it up with us again today, with guests being Ed Stern from Splash Damage, Tali Goldstein from We Are Minority, pixel guru Paul Veer and James Monkman from RGCD…

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This was a weird one… It was a talk without a talk. In a word: uncomfortable.




At a venue which seats about… maybe 30 people at a stretch, many attended. It was as if GameCity didn’t think that Leigh Alexander and Quintin Smith talking about sex wouldn’t be that popular…

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